for Shri Swami Vishveshwarananda and Kumari Somashekhari

During Symposium of World-Peace in Breach Candy Auditorium, Mumbai, on 20th October 2008

Report by Miss Mayuri and Shri Mangesh Shastri, Mumbai

A snap, taken of many dignitaries, who attended the function

It was the wish of Dr. Vijay Chitnis, Executive Director, International Human Rights Foundation, to present the Rashtra Shakti Awards to Swami Vishveshwarananda, President, Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas, and Kumari Somashekhari, General Secretary, Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas, for their contribution to education, culture and spirituality in the name of their Gurudev, Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati, a great Mystic, Philosopher and Writer, during a Symposium on ‘World-Peace’.

The Function took place in the Breach Candy Auditorium, on 20th October 2008, evening. Breach Candy is one of the most beautiful areas of Mumbai, situated directly at the sea-shore. The Function was organized under the dynamic leadership of Dr. Rajeshri Varhadi, President, Star Charities Trust and Former Member, State Consumer Commission.

The Main-speakers of this event were Shri Swami Vishveshwarananda, President of Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas, Uttarakhand, and Raj­yogini Vandana Bahan, Member, Prajapita Brahmakumaris’s Matunga Center, Mumbai.

As Chief-Guest, the Honourable Justice, Mr. Vijay Munshi, Member, State Human Rights Commission, graced the Function.

It  was the time of sunset in a warm autumn-evening. The beautiful rays of the setting sun, coloured the waves of the sea and the whole environment of Breach Candy Auditorium, situated at the seashore, in a red-golden mystical light, radiating joy and peace. It was an ideal atmosphere to start the ‘Symposium on World-Peace’.

The nice compere, Ms. Kavitaji, welcomed the Dignitaries and the Chief Guest. Then the start of this wonderful event took place with a beautiful Pooja Nritya by Kumari Somashekhariji, General Secretary, Omkarananda Ashram, Uttarakhand. She performed three devotional dances – namely for Lord Shiva, Goddess Durga and Lord Krishna. Kumari Somashekhariji started with a small introduction speech on the meaning and essence of the words of the Bhajans. The whole audience appreciated her performance, which took them into the world of Divinity, into the lanes of Vrindavan and towards the feet of Goddess Durga. Her performances got great applause. All the dignitaries were pleased to see her performances which created a great spiritual atmosphere in the auditorium.

Kumari Somashekhari delights the audience with her excellent performance of typical
Indian Classical Temple-Dance
Kumari Somashekhari was honoured with a beautiful flower-bouquet

After the wonderful dance performances, the dais was ready for speakers to address their views on “World Peace”. It started with Raj­yogini Vandana Bahan from Prajapita Brahmakumari Ashram’s Matunga Centre. She addressed her views on world peace with extreme warmth in her voice. Her thoughts led us to the peace within us. By a small meditation she took us to the outer space and easily made all of us present to feel peace within ourselves.

After the wonderful thoughts rendered by Rajyogini Vandana Bahan, Dr. Rajeshri requested Swami Vishveshwaranandaji to address the audience with his views on world peace. Swami Vishveshwaranandaji explained first, what peace is in reality and how by fear of law and order or by suppression one cannot derive real world peace. World peace, he beautifully explained, is possible when each one changes oneself, by removing the evils of ego, like lust, greed, attachment, jealousy, which destroy the peace in us. Swami Vishveshwar­anandaji wonderfully explained the practicality to find a solution to the problems, which are coming in between to achieve world peace. Swamiji praised and explained how extraordinary rich India’s culture is and the deep spirituality India has. Swamiji explained, how much important it is, not to just listen or read what the great Saints like Adi Shankar­acharya have preached in order to show us the right path, but that it is necessary to walk and to live by what they have preached, then only we can get world peace. As by each drop of water, the sea is formed slowly, in the same way, if we change ourselves and purify our souls, the world can also change, and we can attain world peace. Swami Vishveshwaranandaji ended his speech with the wonderful words of our beloved Gurudev Swami Omkaranandaji: “Think like a Genius, work like a Giant, live like a Saint.” The whole audience and all dignitaries gave a huge applause to Swamiji and they felt like wanting to hear more from him.

Dr. Rajeshri in front of the banner of her Star-Charity Trust,
which she created in dedication to her Mother
Brahmakumari Rajyogini Vandan Bahan, with an angel-like voice,
is bringing the audience nearer to the mystical world of the Divine

Dr. Rajeshri went on to speak about Swami Vishveshwaranandaji and Omkarananda Ashram.

After this, the Chief Guest, Honourable Justice Vijay Munshiji, also gave his views on world peace in a short sweet speech explaining the importance and need of world peace. He rightly pointed out that usually people know their rights, but forget their duties. Justice Munshiji was glad that people like Swami Vishveshwaranandaji and Raj­yoginiji Vandana Bahan are doing a very good work towards achieving world peace.

After the speeches the floral tributes were given. Justice Munshi gave the prestigious Rashtra Shakti Award to Swami Vishveshwaranandaji and presented a shawl of honour to him. Then Mrs. Justice Munshi presented the Rashtra Shakti Award to Kumari Somashekhariji.

Swami Vishveshwarananda delivers his lecture on "World-Peace"
Swamiji receives the "Rashtra-Shakti Award"

Finally, Dr. V. Chitnis, being delighted by Soma’s dance, got up to express his feeling. He said, that she is a soft-spoken, joyous personality and a fine combination of Spiritual Wisdom and Divine Beauty. Somaji’s heart has got the innocence of a child. Dr. Chitnis further said: “I was requested to introduce Somaji, but I feel she is a Goddess. One cannot introduce the Goddess to the world, one can only worship her.” He ended his kind speech with a poem, dedicated to Soma.

As the event came to its last segment Mrs. Sadhana Mahashabde gave the Vote of Thanks to the esteemed guests and dignitaries. She thanked everyone for making this event such a memorable one. The event, as everyone felt, was more like a Satsang with a divine spiritual enlightenment, because of the presence of Swami Vishveshwaranandaji and the devotional Pooja Nritya by Somashekhariji.

Dinner followed. It felt not like an end to an event. There was so much to take from it and pass it on in our day to day life. It was also a beginning to a stronger bond and giant step forward to peace worldwide.

Swami Vishveshwarananda with a beautiful Lakshmi-Narayana picture

Not only Swami Vishveshwarananda, but also Dr. Rajeshri and
Kavitaji are enjoying the congratulations by Justice Munshi
  Kumari Somashekhari with the "Rashtra-Shakti Award"
Dr. Chitnis is praising Kumari Somashekhari for her highly divine works

The dignitaries behind the dais, which is beautifully decorated
with flowers, awards and picture of Divinities
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