Make Your Life a Song of God

By Guru-Bhakti-Ratna Kumari Somashekhari

Do you want to be eternally happy and peaceful in life? Then try to make Your Life a Song of God.

God is nearer to You than Your "own" breath, than Your "own" body, even than Your "own" thoughts and feelings. Since the Divine Presence is utmost subtle, though being an omnipresent Power, the ignorant limited human mind can not be aware of It or grasp It. Not even the most developed human intelligence can understand the unlimited Wisdom and Power of God.

Still it is possible to come nearer to God and feel the Divine Presence, if one really wants. Gurudev Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati used to tell us, "If You take one step towards God - God takes thousand steps towards you…"

So many Mystics have experienced God in daily life. Some of them were intellectuals, some of them illiterate, some were artists, some were simple workers.

With God You have everything. All Riches, unlimited Wealth, all Wisdom, all Powers, an unfailing Divine Love and Sweetness, unlimited Creative Possibilities, an Independence and real Freedom and an unending Peace, that You gain with the Divine Presence. No matter, what You are, a professor, or a business man, a housewife, student or artist, - try to make Your life a Song of God.

You can approach and feel God through Your daily works and prayers and also through Your field of specialization. Use every second in life to contact God.

You can speak to the Divine as if the Divine is Your closest Friend, tell the Divine all things that are a burden for You and bothering You. Be sure You will get an answer and a solution.

If You want to make Your life a Song of God, try to make Yourself "empty". Instead of your limited thoughts, feelings, desires, allow the Divine to take charge of You. Request the Divine to dwell in You, in Your heart, in Your mind, in Your intelligence, and prompt in You Divine actions, thoughts and feelings.

Karmayoga, selfless work, and constant Prayers are of immense help, for making us purer and purer and allowing God to be with us and dwell in us.

There is nothing more wonderful and more blessed in life, than to consciously experience God's wondrous Presence.

If you feel the Divine, then there is no more any space for any sorrow, any doubt or any want. With God You have everything in abundance.

Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati, the great Mystic, God-realized Sage, Philosopher and Writer, says: "Evolve and expand in Consciousness, by growth in Love and Goodness, or by growth in Knowledge and Wisdom, or by the pursuit of Beauty and Truth, or by service of Humanity, or by any of the hundred other time-tried ways. Then God will be, for you, a matter of living Experience and the Source of your imperishable Life, Joy, Peace, Perfection."

If You feel the presence of the Divine you are protected and happy, wherever You are. You will never know loneliness. In the contrary, You will cherish moments of outer solitude, because You can use them for becoming even more intensively aware of God's Presence.

To feel God's loving Presence is so overwhelming, that in comparison to It the love of even the most affectionate mother in the whole world would seem small and failing.

That does not mean, that one should not love one's physical mother, father, etc., but one should be more concerned with the Divine Presence in them and not look upon them as mere parents.

It is the greatest Blessing in life to have a God-realized Person as a Guru. Such a Guru can rapidly make You aware of God's Presence and make You experience the Immortal, while You are still living in this perishable body.

Swami Omkarananda says: "Everywhere there is nothing other than God. He is within us, around us, above us, below us, everywhere. Everything is God. Know and experience this! Look upon everyone and everything with an overwhelming conviction; this is God in manifestation!"

I consider it as the greatest Luck in my life, that I could meet in person my beloved Sadgurudev Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati. I pray, that He may make my Life a constant Song and Dance of God.

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