On the Eve of Mahashivaratri 2008

On the Auspicious evening of the Mahashivaratri 2008 guests had witnessed a wonderful dance performance by Kumari Somashekhariji and her students. She is one among the direct disciples of Gurudev Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati and her talent and involvement in the art of dance is well known in India and abroad. She had meticulously prepared her team of young children for that day's evening performance. From ages unknown in India there has been the tradition of worshipping God through art. The art is a gift given by God and that art is used again in the service of God, in praise of God and offered as a token of gratitude to God.

That's precisely why the ancient Indian arts are alive even today and have withstood the test of time. Coming back to our programme, a good number of guests from India and abroad had gathered to witness the grand finale. Kumari Somashekhari and her disciple-children were decked up in colourful, bright, eye-catching costumes and each one looked like a walking Goddess. A talented girl named Parineeta – a child of devotees from Bombay, had shown interest in participating in this dance-programme and she was also included, with just a few days of rehearsal with Somashekharis other students.

Her presence added cuteness to beauty. There were several dance-performances in Adoration of Lord Shiva by Soma’s students and one solo dance for Lord Shiva performed by Somashekhari. It was a wonderful presentation that left everyone asking for more.


Kumari Somashekhari (Left) and her students
during the Dance Performance....

Kumari Somshekhari with her students 



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