Omkarananda Mahotsava
25th December 2013 to 1st January 2014
in Omkarananda Ashram Himalayas

Conclusion of Omkarananda Mahotsava
with Celebrations at the Omkarananda Ganga Ghat, Muni-ki-reti, via Rishikesh,
on 1st January 2014

Sweet Ganga Devi in her Temple at the Omkarananda Ganga Ghat, Muni-ki-reti.

Special Puja for Gurudev Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati at the Omkarananda Ganga Ghat.

Divine offering after Purnahuti by Kumari Somashekhari.

Before the first dance-item, Kumari Somashekhari offers flowers to the nicely 
decorated Altar of Gurudev. In the background silently flows the river Ganges.

Shri Ramesh Uniyal presents his own composition, 
an Omkarananda Song in Garhwali language, to the audience.

A graceful 
Bharatanatyam Dance 
by Kumari Somashekhari.
After the Arati Dance Kumari Somashekhari makes a special offering to the holy river Ganga.

Shri D.K. Varshney, Vice-President of OIMT Management Committee, is thankful to
Gurudev Paramahamsa Omkarananda Saraswati for the nice function in front of the Ganga.

Swami Vishveshwarananda expresses his best wishes and blessings to all for the New Year.

Arati for Gurudev and Ganga.

Flowers and Deepas in small boats, made out of leaves, are being carried to Mother Ganga.

Shining Deepas floating from the Omkarananda Ganga Ghat.

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